ICL 2017 Prize for Luminescence Research


The ICL Prize was established in 1984 and is awarded during ICL conferences.

Traditionally, the Prize is awarded to single individuals for the  studies of the luminescence properties of materials and their applications acknowledged by the International luminescence community.  Previous recipients have been Prof. S. Shionoya (Tokyo) 1984, Dr. R.M. Macfarlane (IBM) 1987, Dr. A.A. Kaplyanskii (Ioffe) 1990, Dr. M.J. Weber (LLNL) 1993, Prof. D.S. McClure (Princeton) 1996, Prof. E.I. Rashba (Landau) 1999, Prof. G. Blasse (Utrecht) 2002, Prof. W.M. Yen (UGA) 2005, Dr. F. Auzel (CNRS) 2005, Prof. G. Boulon (Lyon) 2011, Prof. V.M. Agranovich (Troitsk) 2014.  The winner presents the talk at the closing session of the conference and receives a plaque citing his contribution to luminescence studies along with cash award. The Prize is sponsored by the Journal of Luminescence published by Elsevier.

 Guidelines for nominators: please submit a single page summary that describes the accomplishments of the candidate and why these accomplishments merit the ICL 2017 award. This summary will be used by the Prize Committee in making their selection.  It would also be helpful if the candidate’s vita could be supplied so that the Prize Committee is aware of the publications, patents, honors, awards, and other information that you believe would be significant in making the selection.  If a vita is not available, please provide as much information as you have.

Please send the nominations to Alexander Kaplyanskii (ICL Prize Committee chairman) a.kaplyanskii@mail.ioffe.ru before May 1, 2017.

ICL Prize Committee________________

Alok Srivastava (USA) – srivastava@crd,ge.com

Jorma Hölsä (Finland) – jholsa@utu.fi

Cristophe Dujardin (France) – christophe.dujardin@univ-lyon1.fr

Zoila Barandiaran (Spain) – zoila.barandiaran@uam.es

Yoshihiko Kanemitsu (Japan) – kanemitu@scl.kyoto-u.ac.jp

Yichun Liu (China) – ycliu@nenu.edu,cn

Daniel Boye (USA) – daboye@davidson.edu

Alexander Kaplyanskii (Chairman, Russia) – a.kaplyanskii@mail.ioffe.ru