Tuesday June 13, 2017

Dear ICL-2017 Participant,

Welcome to ICL-2017. We kindly call your attention for the following information:

    – The detailed program of the Conference will be ready as soon as possible and will be available and shown in the website. Very distinguished scientists are participating,     as you may see in the website.

    – The organizers are delighted to receive the accompanying persons and will be at their disposal, as well as the ICL-2017 team, to give information and help with all queries. Visiting possibilities in João Pessoa and nearby João Pessoa will be available.
– The excursion on the Wednesday afternoon will be offered by the Conference.

Details will be given soon in the website Important Information window; we are sure you will appreciate it, including a “caipirinha festival” and Brazilian music in a frontbeach bar, following the visit to the “Jacaré” Beach to appreciate a very special sunset, listening the famous Ravel’s Bolero by the musician Mr. Jurandy in a boat, while the sun hides, and shines and scatters, its last local luminescence in the end of the day, in an amazing orientation side).
– The Conference Dinner on the Thursday at 20:00 will be by adhesion (US$50,00; fifty dollars) in the Tererê Restaurant, in the beachfront (Cabo Branco), with Brazilian music and typical food, including Brazilian barbecue, nice vegetables, fruits and juices (details will be also given soon in the website Important Information window).

    – There is a good link to the Brazilian Ministry of Health, in the website, for issues on mosquitos (under control at the moment; ICL-2017 will keep you aware and will  provide the necessary cream protection; though this is just a precaution), and in the site of the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism (English window on the right) you may find important information about security issues. We strongly recommend a detailed visit to these sites.

    – During the Conference (from Monday till Friday), lunch will be available in a space in the Convention Center organized by the Conference in a restaurant service, with which we have negotiated the price by around US$ 12,00 (twelve dollars) per day/person (we are still negotiating with them). The idea is that, once the Convention Center is just a bit far from downtown, and it is a very pleasant place, we imagine to keep together as most as possible, not only for scientific discussions but also for new friendships and possible cooperations.

    – Options concerning arrival in João Pessoa are already in the website. Notice that João Pessoa is one of the most touristic visited cities in the Northeast of Brazil,

and there are many pathways of getting there from several cities in Brazil. Facilities to those which will arrive in Recife will be provided through an efficient system of nice shuttles, for about R$40,00 (forty Reais) per person for a shuttle of 10 (ten, filled) persons, including luggage. The section Recife-João Pessoa takes about 2h.The shuttles’ schedule will depend on the overall mapping of arrival and departure dates and time, and will be available in due time in the website. An official airport Taxi for three persons from Recife to João Pessoa, and vice-versa, costs about R$200,00 (two hundred Reais). In João Pessoa’s airport, as well as in Recife’s airport, from Friday 25th August till Sunday 3rd September, there will be ICL-2017 people to host you and to indicate procedures (in the case of mismatch, please address to the airport information desk for indication towards ICL-2017). 

      During the conference, an ICL-2017 system of buses for transportation from some beachfront hotels to the Convention Center, and back, will be available, and very sharp in time (we kindly ask your attention to this point). Of course time schedule will be given.

     – Please keep following the website updated information. As mentioned above, all information will be provided in more detail. Any doubt or queries, do not hesitate to contact us. We are sure you will enjoy ICL-2017 in João Pessoa.

Look forward to see you soon in João Pessoa.

All the best,

Organizing Committee.